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From archive to desire
A Visual Design Workshop in Klaipeda (Lithuania), March 18-23

Vokas, the new Klaipeda Faculty, Vilnius Academy of Arts and Abitare

are launching an experiment in collective representation targeting the town of Klaipeda, Lithuania. The workshop will consist in building up an archive of its people, buildings, sounds, atmospheres, and natural environment. Partecipants will either work with:

Paul Paper (photo/video work group, http://www.itismyparty.org/)
Nicola Di Croce (audio work group, http://nicoladicroce.tumblr.com/)

or prepare a typographic presentation of the collected data, working with:

Emilio Macchia (print work group, http://www.emiliomacchia.com/)

The workshop is free and open to Arts and Graphic Design students as well as to anyone interested in the process of designing images, prints and soundscapes. Participation is limited to 30 selected applicants. CVs and portfolios must be submitted to info@vokas.net by March 10.

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(photo by Mate Ugrin)
Themes and work groups
During the workshop the town of Klaipeda will be sampled:
A typography work group (directed by Emilio Macchia) will organize the collected material according to a basic archiving format: the data sheet. In addition to raw data, the sheets will feature impressions from the collectors, including correction notes for future editing.

Vokas aims at experimenting with obsolete formats that allow misreading, misinterpretation and even indifference, as well as a more slow-paced, focused fruition. In spite of the uniformity of current digital archives – which, to little utility, confuse a file's accessibility with its potential for inspiration - the Klaipeda archive will thus gradually change its format and lose cohesion, in addition to enriching itself.

Without philological constraints, this natural progression – responding to an aesthetic and emotional need - will be determined by a compositional and typographical sensibility. The goal is avoiding the risk that, during the process, 'thousands of feelings could disappear if there is no concrete form to host them'. (Werkplaats Typografie's workshop at Fahrenheit 39 2013, http://www.fahrenheit39.com/wt.html)

There will be two versions of the archive: the symbolic and linear one, consisting of the paper data sheets, and one comprising the digital materials that generated them - video, images, sounds and interviews. The making-of will be shown in real-time at the workshop location, then published in collaboration with Vokas photozine (http://www.vokas-zine.com/).

(photo by Mate Ugrin)
At the end of the workshop, during the week following the construction of the archive (March 24-28), at Nida Art Colony (http://nidacolony.lt/), a team composed by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, Fredy Massad, and Luca Molinari (observed by Valentina Ciuffi, www.abitare.it) will try to force further the dimension of a similar archive through an editing and post-production process consisting in recorded interviews and free conversations, and collective writing.

The whole process is about the possibility of scaling up the sampling practice to encompass a town, a society as an inventory of shapes and thoughts. The focus is also on the dynamics that, between caution and arrogance, push a place and a community's condition towards their vocation. In order to move from archive to desire, between fidelity and independence, the challenge is to define ways of using large, collective vocabularies and adapt them to personal and intimate needs.

How to reach Klaipeda

The workshop will take place in Baznyciu gatvė 4, 91246, Klaipeda. (http://goo.gl/maps/42IyP)

The closest airports are Palanga (38 km, 40 minutes), Kaunas (216 km, 3 hours), Vilnius (311 km, 4 hours). Low-cost airlines Ryan Air, Wizzair and Airbaltic serve all these airports.

From all airports you can reach Klaipeda by:
bus (recommended, http://www.autobusubilietai.lt/);
train (http://www.litrail.lt/wps/portal);
airport shuttle (http://airport-express.lt/).

(Photo by Monika Janulevičiūtė)